Training Systems

  • Lab benches and test setups for “Machine Vision” & “Robotics / Vision Guided Robotics” training.
  • Easy to use training equipment for all level of university and other technical schools.
  • All used equipment, cameras, lenses, robot arm, workstation, image processing software selected from world leading brands in the area.
  • Also good for R&D labs.
  • Customized training systems possible.
  • Industrial equipment selected to create a system robots enough to fulfill classroom and novice users
  • All training benches designed as turnkey running lab equipment. All power supplies, accessories, cabling, optics, encoder, motor etc supplies as plug and play to decrease the time needed to setup bench before training. No waste of time.
  • Training systems are focusing on “industrial real life requirements”.
  • Our 20 years experience of industrial automation is reflected on the systems.
  • Every single test covered on the system will give ability to solve a real life problem for our students.
  • Lab tests are prepared from basics to advanced level.
  • Initial training for the teachers are supplied with the systems including know how of technology and operation of the systems.
  • All systems delivered with development licenses. Its possible to generate new tests, labs, lessons in future.
  • Our training systems are modular and flexible, open for future modifications.
  • Its also possible to use these benches for R&D purpose at universities, not dedicated to labs only.
  • A wide range of Machine Vision, Image Processing equipment and components are delivered with the systems.
  • Accessories from telecentric lenses to macros. Wide variety of lighting, staging and posts are delivered.
  • Each bench comes with its dedicated workstation, TFT screen, control box, power-supplies and distribution panel.
  • Easy Teaching for Teachers.
  • Fun to Learn for Students.
  • No waste of time to search for required components for the classroom.
  • A single bench is good for teaching to 2-4 students.
  • Customization of test and lab book possible.


Infrared camera detection for security applications

Detection beyond the visible
Infrared imaging technology is a modern and advanced method to detect and analyse scenes normally hidden from the human eye. Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) cameras catch reflected energy from infrared sources like the sun, stars, LEDs or lasers. SWIR cameras based on InGaAs technology are perfectly suited to use this night-glow phenomenon to “see” objects even when it is pitch dark. MWIR and LWIR (Mid Wave and Long Wave Infrared) thermal imaging cameras, on the other hand, capture the intrinsic heat radiated by objects: warm objects stand out well against cooler backgrounds. Humans and other warm-blooded animals become easily visible against the environment, day or night.



Perimeter DetectionPerimeter Detection
You can identify potential threats and dangers, such as unauthorized entry of intrusion with Xenics infrared imaging cameras covering the complete wavelength. Unique from shortwave till longwave thermal imaging.

Fever DetectionFever Detection
Xenics' thermal imaging cameras help to prevent the spreading of infectious diseases. Early detection of elevated body temperature, fever, is crucial to avoid this spreading. Xenics thermal infrared cameras offer a solution that is simple, reliable and stable; and the examination takes no longer than a fraction of a second.

Night VisionNight Vision
You can easily detect people or objects with thermal imaging cameras, such as LWIR uncooled microbolometers. However SWIR InGaAs cameras are a good compliment to thermal imaging cameras. While thermal imaging can detect the presence of a warm object against a cool background, a SWIR camera can actually identify what that object is.

Search And RescueSearch and Rescue
Saving lives with infrared imaging is proven to be an eminently viable tool. Xenics sensitive infrared camera systems detect humans in the worst weather conditions and add value by “seeing” beyond the spectral range of the human eye.

Security MonitoringSecurity Monitoring
Weather you need general surveillance, detection, recognition or identification, Xenics reliable infrared imaging cameras can perfectly cover this task. Our Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) cameras will identify humans or objects whereas thermal imaging cameras can detect at very long distance.

Stational Fire fightingFirefighting
Maintenance teams can prevent the starting of fire by detecting hot spots. Early detection of smoke or fire from a long distance can save many lives including firefighters. Highly sensitive thermal imaging cameras from Xenics provide enhanced vision through dense smoke, detect victims or allow for better understanding of the environment.

Traffic SafetyTraffic Safety
The rate of traffic accidents can substantially lower with infrared imaging even in total darkness. Driver assistance systems using Near Infrared (NIR) imaging are giving much better depiction of the scene ahead than mere visual observation. With thermal imaging cameras you can even look four times further ahead.

Vision EnhancementhVision Enhancement
Pilots can navigate in the dark or land safely in bad weather conditions  thanks to standard infrared imaging cameras in Enhanced Vision Systems (EVS). The extended Visual Near Infrared (VisNIR) InGaAs detectors solve a surprising problem emerging from the switch to LED technology in runway lighting which produce less IR light. In combination with thermal imaging cameras at different wavelengths, the sight of the flight crew improves considerably.


Discover which cameras could suit your needs


Security solutions with thermal imaging
Raven-Analog-640 17µm

Security solutions with SWaP infrared cameras

Gobi Gige
Raven-Analog-640 25µm

Smart and affordable protection

Raven Analog-640
Fusion Technology

True image fusion of VIS, SWIR or LWIR

Meerkat Fusion

Low cost airborne system


Affordable multi-sensor gimbal


Surveillance and monitoring camera
in fixed housing

Meerkat FIX

Ruggedized thermal camera system

Meerkat Mobile

High resolution cooled SWIR module


High resolution uncooled LWIR module


High resolution cooled MWIR module


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Enhancing safety & security

Infrared technology can be used in multiple situations. For example, firefighters use it to see through smoke, situate persons, and localize the base of a fire. Night vision systems in cars improve road safety as they enhance the driver’s vision. They allow for early detection of people and animals on the road. Search & rescue teams can benefit from infrared cameras’ enhanced vision to go out and search for victims under the worst weather conditions. Regardless of the application, the Xenics’ solutions will bring you improved security awareness.


Vervolg Security

Traffic (ITS)


Toll Management
Toll Management 
Safety Monitoring
Safety Monitoring
Traffic Flow Control
Traffic Flow Control 
 Speed and Red Light
Speed and Red Light Enforcement
Reserved Lane Enforcement
Reserved Lane Enforcement
Parking Validation /
Access Control
Parking Validation/Access Control
Road/Tunnel Inspection
Road/Tunnel Inspection
Heavy Vehicle Inspection
Heavy Vehicle Inspection
Rail Inspection
Rail Inspection

Traffic (ITS)

Industry Articles and White Papers

Industry Articles

White Papers

Capturing a New Vision for Transportation Management and Control

Traffic (ITS)


Traffic (ITS)

Technology for Intelligent Transportation Systems

Teledyne DALSA offers a wide range of area and line scan cameras ready to support imaging for advanced transportation systems. Compact, lightweight and versatile, with on-board processing, Gigabit Ethernet networking capability, and ruggedized for harsh environments, these cameras are ideal for traffic and transportation applications. Capabilities include:

  • high resolution, high speed cameras
  • wide dynamic range
  • zoom & focus lens control
  • image compression
  • loop buffer to see "back in time"
  • on-demand image transfer
  • harsh environment tolerance
  • easy networking over long distances

Our Genie TS platform is particularly suited to ITS. It has been engineered to meet the critical performance and environmental requirements of traffic and transportation applications. Genie TS captures up to 12 megapixel images with extremely high quality resolution and remarkable dynamic range to ensure optimized images from sun to shade.

Integrated features like motorized lens control with image-to-image aperture, zoom and focus functionality, auto iris, image compression, loop buffer, image transfer-on-demand, and both RS-485 and RS-232 ports, are all built into a tough compact body equipped with a GigE Vision Compliant, direct to PC  interface making high speed data transfer and multi-camera networks easy to deploy.

The Genie TS's remarkable feature set allows to serve multilple functions simultaneously, reducing system deployment costs and complexity. For example, with its high speed, high resolution, and ability to multi-cast its data to multiple PCs for simultaneously data analysis, one Genie TS can serve traffic flow control and license plate recognition at the same time.

Beyond the cameras, Teledyne DALSA's extensive range of framegrabbers and vision processors harness torrents of data from almost any manufacturer's cameras. Teledyne DALSA's X64 Xcelera framegrabbers deliver leading-edge performance, and its Anaconda vision processor offers real-time image processing to accelerate inspection system decisions.

Machine Vision Training Lab Benches

Focus / Aim / Student Benefits

  • To teach Machine Vision with hands on experience
  • Camera, Optics, Image Processing training
  • The latest Vision technology attractive and fun to use for students
  • Lots of real Life examples
  • Pre setup for Labs
  • No wasted time for setups
  • Includes all components
  • Weekly Lab tests ready
  • Lab book includes theory and quiz questions.
  • Detailed description of lab test setup

Machine Vision Training Lab Benches

Lab & Course Content


  • Lesson/Test 1:     Machine Vision Basics
  • Lesson /Test 2:    Area Scan Camera Configuration & Camera Types
  • Lesson /Test 3:    MV Optics
  • Lesson /Test 4:    MV Lighting and Filters
  • Lesson /Test 5:    Camera Types
  • Lesson /Test 6:    Basic Image Processing
  • Lesson /Test 7:    Smart Camera
  • Lesson /Test 8:    Smart Camera Image Processing
  • Lesson /Test 9:     Line Scan Camera
  • Lesson /Test 10:   Details of Image Processing
  • Lesson /Test 11:   Tracking Codes
  • Lesson /Test 12:   Search Algorithms and Part Matching
  • Lesson /Test 13:   Blob Analyses (Connectivity Tools)
  • Lesson /Test 14:   Line Scan camera in Details
  • Lesson /Test 15:   Optical  Metrology

Machine Vision Training Lab Benches

Machine Vision Training Lab Benches

Robotics Training Lab Benches

Focus / Aim / Student Benefits

  • To teach Vision Guided Robotics & Robotics with hands on experience
  • Camera, Optics, Image Processing training
  • The latest VGR technology attractive and fun to use for students
  • Lots of real Life examples
  • Pre setup for Labs
  • No wasted time for setups
  • Includes all components
  • Weekly Lab tests ready
  • Lab book includes theory and quiz questions.
  • Detailed description of lab test setup.
  • No need for safety cell.

Robotics Training Lab Benches

Lab & Course Content

  • Lesson/Test 1:     Robot Arm Start-Up
  • Lesson /Test 2:    Training the Robot Arm
  • Lesson /Test 3:    Robot Arm Programming, Tools, Techniques.
  • Lesson /Test 4:    Machine Vision Basics
  • Lesson /Test 5:    Image Processing Basics
  • Lesson /Test 6:    Vision Guidance Basics
  • Lesson /Test 7:    Robot Arm & Vision System     Communication
  • Lesson /Test 8:    Measuring Guidance Parameters
  • Lesson /Test 9:    Robot Arm Gripping Systems / Tools
  • Lesson /Test 10:  Gripping from a Random position
  • Lesson /Test 11:  Gripping from a Random Angular Position
  • Lesson /Test 12:  Moving the Object to target Position
  • Lesson /Test 13:  Flexible Machine Vision Systems
  • Lesson /Test 14:  Poke-Yoke System with Robot Arm
  • Lesson /Test 15:  Optical  Metrology System with Robot Arm (pick&place, sorting, measurement) 

Robotics Training Lab Benches


Robotics Training Lab Benches

Robotics Training Lab Benches